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To keep up with the peace of today’s fast evolving scientific and technological world and to promote the internationalization of higher education in Taiwan, Academia Sinica established the Taiwan International Graduate Program (TIGP) in 2001, in collaboration with a consortium of key national research universities. The interdiciplinary Ph.D. programs offered by TIGP are designed to provide advanced scientific training and research enviroments for those who wish to do advanced research, to think criticaly and experience a mature international academic setting. Since its inception, under the stewardship of the successive directors, TIGP has frown and expanded on both the number of inter-disciplinary programs and the number and global distribution of students- from 2012 fall semester on, there are about 386 students from around 36 countries studying at TIGP

TIGP programs offered in 2013

We currently offer ten interdisciplinary Ph.D. programs. To learn more about a specific option, please select it from the list to proceed to the program Website:

  1. Chemical Biology and Molecular Biophysics » [PDF]
  2. Molecular Science and Technology » [PDF]
  3. Molecular and Biological Agricultural Sciences » [PDF]
  4. Bioinformatics » [PDF]
  5. Molecular and Cell Biology » [PDF]
  6. Nano Science and Technology » [PDF]
  7. Molecular Medicine » [PDF]
  8. Earth System Science » [PDF]
  9. Biodiversity » [PDF]
  10. Interdisciplinary Neuroscience » [PDF]

Requirements for admission

  1. Bachelor and/or Master of Science degree
  2. English proficiency, as demonstrated per
    1. TOEFL score of at least (select one):
      • 550 on the paper-based
      • 213 on the computer-based
      • 79-80 on the new Internet-based TOEFL (TOEFL-iBT)
    2. GEPT – instead of TOEFL, applicants in Taiwan may take the General English Proficiency Test (GEPT), administered by the Language Training and Testing Center. Under this option, applicants must submit their high-intermediate level certificate with the application
    3. IELTS – generally, IELTS test score is accepted by all TIGP Ph. D. programs as an indication of English proficiency. A minimum overall Band Score of 5.5 on the Academic Test, taken within the past 2 years, is required for admission to programs that accept IELTS score (please refer to the specific admission requirements of your program)
  3. GRE General test (requirements vary by program)
    please refer to the specific requirements of your program; a list of possible GRE substitution options, by program, is available [Here »]
  4. GRE Subject test (requirements vary by program)
    please refer to the specific requirements of your option, which can be found on the individual program site, via the [Programs portal »]
  5. Academic transcript for coursework completed beyond the high school level
  6. Three (3) letters of reference
  7. Statement of purpose

In addition to the general TIGP application requirements outlined here, please be sure to review the program-specific requirements for your option, as described in the corresponding program Website:
[To programs portal »]

∗Please note: concerning the standardized exams listed above (TOEFL; GRE general, GRE subject), our institution CODE is 7142 and NAME is Academia Sinica

Financial information

tuition, fees & fellowship information

TIGP offers a rigorous, interdisciplinary education at an affordable price;The payments of tuition fees are due upon registration every semester. The amount of tuition will be varying  from partner universities’ standard. Please contact each program you would like to study. On arriving at Academia Sinica, students will also face reasonable living and housing costs.

Once admitted, each TIGP student will receive a monthly stipend of NT$32,000 (around USD1050) for the first year. Additionally, the support will be extended to two more years for students who perform well academically. All stipends should be granted within 4 years. In subsequent years (from the 4th year), the thesis advisor will be responsible for the financial support.

Apply online to TIGP

TIGP now offers an online application option, via our Website. If you wish to submit your application online, please proceed to the TIGP online application portal ».

Before logging into the system, please see to it that you have assembled all of the required information and materials; for your convenience, you may wish to refer to the [TIGP application checklist »] in preparing to apply. At any point, if you should have any questions about the application process, need forms or other materials, please get in touch with the contact person for your program before the application deadline,March 31st, 2013. . Contact information is available on the programs [contact list »].

These references are also available for download (MS Excel and MS Word format):

Application materials

Download TIGP application instructions & forms

All forms which you will need to apply for admission to TIGP are available for download below. In addition to general application materials, please check your option for program-specific requirements [here »]

  1. Application Form  [MS Word] [PDF]
  2. Recommendation Letters [DOC] [PDF]

Alternatively, forms may be obtained via post by writing TIGP at the mailing address provided.

Applying to TIGP Certificate

  1. complete the  Student Separation/Clearance Form
  2. provide a copy of PhD diploma
  3. provide a list of publication (word file and hard copy)

Please send all of above to TIGP office for further processing, a TIGP Certificate will be issued to the student within 14 working days. The student will be notified via Email when the certificate is ready for collecting. Each Student can apply for one certificate only.

Contact information: Stella Huang 02-2789-9696

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