ITB – AOTULE Graduate Student Summer Program 2012

AOTULE Graduate Student Summer Program 2012 held in Institut Teknologi Bandung by inviting international students from AOTULE university network. This program was held from June 27 until July 12, 2012. AOTULE Graduate Student Summer Program 2012’s activity  is as follows:

at ITB Campuss

Visit Angklung Perfomance in Saung Anglung Udjo

at Ratu Creater, Tangkuban Perahu Mt.

Tea Walk at PTPN 8, Ciater Tea Plantation

PT Indonesia Power Geothermal Power Plant, Kamojang-Garut

ITB Social Services at Cihurip village (Garut) working in Microhydro Power Plant


Testimonial from AOTULE Graduate Student Summer Program 2012 Participants


Ms. Liu Weiling from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

I wouldn’t say that this AOTULE Summer Program at Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) is a life-changing experience for me, but it is definitely an eye-opener. In this program, I have gone to places that I would never have gone; tried things that I would never have tried and met really nice people. The industrial visits gave me better understanding of the different technologies, in particular renewable resources that are in use in Bandung like the geothermal, hydropower and solar energy. Besides this, I also get the chance to witness how some of the ITB students put the knowledge that they have acquired from textbooks into reality by building a hydropower turbine in a village in Garut to power the street lamps there. Through this summer program, I also gained more exposure to the Islamic culture such as their daily prayers, food and beliefs. All in all, this program broadens my views, experience and knowledge in both scientific and cultural aspects.


Mr. Raj Kamal from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

My days in Bandung were great. I personally enjoyed the lectures and industry visits that were arranged for us. They gave me a good insight on the research work and directions of ITB. The casual visits to tourists attraction spots were very enjoyable as well, especially the one to the mountains.

In addition, I really like fact that the masters and bachelors projects are based on improving the lives of villages. This is something noble in my opinion.

Apart from that, I made many new friends who I keep contact with. ITB students like Pram and Amrul  were very nice and casual with us. They made my whole stay in Bandung a pleasant one.

As a whole, this experience was an eye opener for me. I strongly encourage future students to take part in the next AOTULE program.

Thank you for the opportunity.

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